Who is this guy?

Sky at The Magic Castle
Sky at Hollywood's legendary Magic Castle
where he was recently accepted into the Junior Program

Magic has been my passion for the last ten years. During that time span, I have put forth much effort towards becoming quite an accomplished magician. Having recently been accepted into the The Magic Castle Junior Program, along with performances at various places, such as Sunland Women's Club and Song-Haven, I've gained much experience as well.

It started just like any other kid who got into magic, and that was with a simple magic kit. One of my cousins inspired me to pursue technical mastery in magic. Looking to extend my knowledge, I found a magic store; The Magic Apple (Studio City, California), where I spent a large amount of time there getting several new tricks each visit, along with sage advice from the manager, Anthony. At this point, I had enough tricks to fill three briefcases along with seven other boxes. At that time, it was just all of my tricks in a disarray, so I began constructing actual acts.

Some of my style and ideas come from different esteemed magicians such as; Houdini, Kalanag, Penn & Teller, Slydini, Buchingham, Eric Gilliam, John Archer, Paul Daniels, and David Copperfield, while adding my own personal style.

At the conclusion of Bank Night, my funny routine performed at the The Magic Castle, I got countless compliments and accolades from the capacity crowd!

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