King of Cards

I do extensive work in cards, so much that it's not funny. From the Ambitious card routine to the Z-fold wallet, I do them all. I literally have piles of card decks lying around. The video below shows me doing a funny card trick. In fact, one of my first purchases was a book called; 75 Card Tricks with a Normal Deck (I'm not sure if that's the actual name or not, but it's something like that). It taught me plenty of standard impromptu, but cool tricks. "Impromptu" sort of speaks for itself. It's basically performing on the spot with what you got. I've done this several times for people, so it's good to know the basics, such as; coin vanishes, card tricks, and removing your thumb. Learning impromptu card tricks and the basic moves made it much easier to come up with larger and more impressive tricks. I have actually fooled a couple of fellow magicians, both at my school and during performances. One of the things I enjoyed learning were flourishes. Flourishes are basically flashy moves (not those kind of moves) to sort of show how dexterous you are. The photo on the right demonstrates the Waterfall. To see it in action, click-on or tap the photo.
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Card Shuffle

The ace
  Click once anywhere on the cards below for a card trick.

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