Master of Stage & Illusions


The airbrushed poster on the left was created by Carolyn Presley, illustrating one of my many acts, Tempting Secrets. I have over a dozen complete acts and will soon be updating this page to illustrate some of them. Tricks are usually just one thing, done and over with in usually less than a minute. A routine is a small string of tricks. An act is an extended routine/trick that normally lasts for several minutes. Some acts aren't in this photo because there's so many acts that it wouldn't be possible to include something from every one. I have each element that I use in my acts, such as those for the classic Cups & Balls and Bank Night. Routines like Cups & Balls are funny, and a few of them use music. Here is something all of my card tricks have in common:

I have to pay attention to all the details when I construct the acts, things that you will most likely overlook. That's one of the secrets of magic (and you just got it for free). How about when I tell you to pay attention to something I'm showing you? Did anything cross your mind about the person next to you, the nearest doorway, or where your hands are placed? How about now? Paying attention to detail is something I'm good at.

You may be asking yourself; "Why is he telling me this?". If we cross paths one day while I'm performing, I'll get you to look in the wrong place at the right time, and that is the art of magic. You might be somewhat aware of what's going on, but you may never fully comprehend just what it is I'm actually doing.

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